T for Terrorist

T for Terrorist -Sayed Badreya - Tony Shalhoub
T for Terrorist, which was awarded Best Short Film at the Boston International Film Festival and the San Francisco World Film Festival.
T for Terrorist, a new and timely short film that explores one possible - and darkly comedic - ramification of typecasting Arab actors in Hollywood. The story begins with meek character actor Sayed, once again playing the "bad guy." This time in T for Terrorist, a studio production ruled over by a dictatorial young Director. Pushed past his limit for abuse and encouraged by a mysterious Man in White. Sayed takes over the set and forces the Director to play the terrorist while he himself finally gets to play the hero.. but will Hollywood let him get away with it?
Sayed Badreya
Tony Shalhoub
Teigen Fraker
Ivan Allen